What is nowwards?

Some people look backwards a lot, they orient to the past, reflecting and reminiscing. Some people look forwards a lot, they orient to the future, planning and preparing.

I used to do both, and I still do, but I have learned to orient more towards the present moment, and I am developing that capacity more.

So instead of looking towards fore or back, I look towards now: I look nowwards.

I have also written a text about why the present moment matters.

This site is currently a directory of different workshops that have as their focus to somehow develop this capacity of presence-orientation, of looking nowwards. Soon it will also hold some texts on why that is important, how to relate to it, and some observations around the practices. Until then, please browse the events that are listed here, and find ways to deepen your awareness of what it is like to be you, moment to moment.


You can sign up to the Heading Nowwards newsletter and you will get an email about once a month with some information about upcoming events related to being more in touch with the present moment. These will be mostly Circling and meditation events, but there could potentially also be other things.

The newsletter may also contain some reflections about the practices, and quite possibly links to relevant blogposts.